Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost Over the Edge...

Well, we're on our way and it seems like it's taken forever...and yet just a day.  The last week has been a tangle of nerves and anxiety just waiting for the big day to arrive and here we sit, and sit and sit, the first leg of our trip done and not even out of Canada.  Wow, this trip is going to take longer than we thought! 

Last night as I gathered all my stuff into one pile and started sorting I realized that I have a few fetishes...not bad ones (and I certainly won't be sharing all of them...) but they kind of stared me in the face all layed out like that.  Moisturized lips are kind of high up on my list of important things and so I have chap stick.  Not one, but 4 made it into my luggage.  Really?  Who is going to need 4?  I think I might, so just in case...they all came along. And baggies, everything I could put into a ziploc bag went into one and then I added some big green hefty garbage bags as well in case the monsoons start and we are deluged my torrents of pounding rain and our stuff needs to stay dry.  I guess it doesn't matter that the monsoons don't start until later on..June I think.  I feel better being prepared.

I was concerend that my luggage might get lost so I ensured that my underwear and socks were packed into my backpack and not my suitcase because the alternatives if I lost those things were too nasty to comprehend...a barefooted commando mountaineer?  I checked and that definately was not on the bucket list!

I packed and re-packed to get the right weights in both my suitcase and backpack and at the end of the day felt like I was set.  It was a surprise then, to get up this morning and have a headache settling over me after my coffee.  Normally I never get headaches unless I am coming down with something and so I was worried.  I did my last minute preparations and started feeling I'm kind of going into panic mode.  I decided that I would finish the last minute packing and maybe lay down for a bit before we left for the airport.

I was gathering my many medications recommended for the trip and was taking them out of the boxes and putting them into...yah you guessed it~ziploc bags along with their written directions that come in every box.  The writing was so small and when I got my glasses on realized what a collossal mistake I had almost made.  Dulcolax pills were with the Immodium directions and vice you realize what would have happened if I had mixed up those two?  At 17,000 feet + your brain is not firing on all cylinders and you'd probably not realize your mistake until too late!  Collossal actually is the right word and if you don't know what either of those two things do...let's just say they have very opposite effects on a person's upset stomach and if they got mixed up you'd be making a hasty trip to an emerg department.  Oh, and when I put my glasses on I started feeling better...dizzy gone, headache gone~seriously depressed at how badly I need those stupid things!

So if this is any indication of what the rest of the trip will hold it will be one heck of an amazing adventure.  Thank goodness the girls are quick to laugh, easy to hug and wonderful conversationalists which is just a fancy way of saying that we're yacking our brains out.  Serious good times, stay tuned...

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