Saturday, November 27, 2010

Insanity? Sign me up!

Ahhh, starting a family...

Who knows what they are in for when a brand new sleeping baby is tucked into your arms in the hospital?  If I had been told what was in store I would still have glady signed up but I would have asked for the "child rearing" manual to have been written, edited, published and put into my hands before I got home!

The number one problem with raising a family is that the time goes by too quickly.  Just when you get used being puked on, pee'd on and used as a wash rag they decide to start dressing themselves and showing you how good they are at using the potty.  It really goes down-hill from there with the advent of school because all of a sudden they realize not every mommy has hair that stands on end with bald sleeping-patches in prominent areas and wears pajama's well into the day.  Ok, I'm stretching it a little, I had no bald patches and I certainly changed out of my pajama's when supervising recess!

My role morphed throughout the years as the kids grew and their needs changed.  I started out as "mommy do-it-all", then became "mommy help me" and finally it became..."BACK OFF SO I CAN DO IT MYSELF"!!  I found myself so immersed in the joy of raising my family that by the time I caught my breath and looked up, they were leaving home.

So here I sit, quite sure that I have officially lost all my marbles.  Yes, it's that serious.  Things that I used to be adept at are not working for me anymore.  How do you cook for 2 people??  Loaves of bread are looking like a science experiment gone horribly wrong, milk gets spoiled because I buy too big of a jug and our clothes never get washed because I don't have enough to make a full load.

Can I blame this on someone?  I'd have to go way, way, way back to find the culprit and I'm not sure he thinks he has much responsibility for my present state of insanity.  So, what to do?  Desperate times call for desperate measures and so I called in the troops (code for "tried to gather back my marbles")and formed a plan.  I decided I was going to do something so crazy that only people as crazy as me would go along with it...dah da dah...climb a moutain.  How's that for crazy?  And just because we're over the top crazy, how about Everest??? 

Well, at that point in my thought process I knew I had probably secured a spot in a nice warm, white room with padded walls and no sharp objects.  Everest is a little over the top but I figured I could find someone to climb to Base Camp on Everest with me right?  Was there anyone out there who needed to do something wild and wonderful and were just waiting for my marbles to come skittering across their floor?  I figured there was and so began this journey.

3 friends have decided to join me who were looking for some high excitment, cultural diversity and good old fashioned wonderlust, a willingness to get cold, dirty and maybe smelly in an attempt to get to Everest Base Camp.  We leave in less than 16 weeks...that seems like forever right now but I know the days will pass quickly and by the size of, I'll need all the time I've got to whip myself into tip-top shape.


Sheila said...

Rhonda, this is my first time to blog or join a blog (?) and you are one of the few people I would do it for.I'm not sure how it works. Does everyone see my comments, or just you?

Anyway, Everest!!!!! That is awesome! When you commit to something, you always give 100 percent. That is one of the many things I admire about you. You are one of the strongest and most determined people I have ever met. I can hardly wait for you to go! Did the friends that are climbing with you go to Kili with you and climb it? Keep me updated. . . Love,Sheila

laura po said...

Love this Rhonda! I am very excited to follow you on your fabulous journey all the while safe at my computer in my home;)

laura po said...

Love this Rhonda! Can't wait to follow you on this amazing journey from the safety of my computer!