Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Winning Hand

It has been quite awhile since I excuses but life around a farm in the summer is a little hectic, plus our daughter got married so there wasn't much time for personal reflection or airing of  dirty laundry!  But, life is back to normal so here we go.

We are embroiled in the midst of harvest right now.  Swathers are busy cutting, combines have been rolling, meals are being whipped up and rushed out to the field all in an effort to get the crop off before bad weather hits.  Fall is the signal that soon we will rest from our labors in the field and rejuvenate over the winter so that we can start the process all over again in the spring.  

Rather than this being a personal time of slowing down, I need to ramp things up for some reason.  This time of year gets me thinking about cleaning out the storage room, washing all my curtains, climbing mountains...maybe running half marathons~stuff like that.  Shouldn't I be resting from my labors? 

I have set my sights on the Las Vegas half marathon in December and with that in mind have been training for the past number of weeks and following a schedule from The Running Room which I used back in 2008.  At that time my two daughters were training with me and we used our time to chat and stay connected with each other.  Well, life is different now and with only my own thoughts to keep me company I realized pretty quickly that some intervention needed to take place.  Out came the ipod!

I have a numer of playlists to chose from but my favorite is entitled "Rhonda's Workout Bizness".  I like a very broad range of music so it has a bit of everything on it and I left it up to the kids to work their technological magic and add songs for me.  So it should not have been a surprise to me as I was jogging along when JT's "Bringing Sexy Back" came on...not feelin so sexy right at that moment.  Things were movin that should have been still, things were still that should have been movin and Lord help me if anyone had driven by and seen the things that were falling out that should have been tucked in!  Where are we bringing sexy back from...the dead??

I'd only just recovered from the sexy-less thoughts I was having to hear "She's a Brick House" and this "winning hand" of 36-24-36 measurements that the singer thought was perfect.  Has this little woman had kids? was she 18 years old? did she eat for heaven's sake?  All I know is that if you flipped my measurements upside-down you might have yourself a winning hand...MIGHT!

The good thing about all of this is that by the time I was done sorting through all my thoughts about the music...I was home!  Done, finished for the day, packed it in and headed for the shower~still mulling over this winning hand idea.  What is my winning hand?  Certainly not my measurements nor my athleticism but more so my life.  I love my husband, I love my kids, I am blessed with so many great friendships and have lived fully.  I will always have a winning hand if I view my life through the blessings and not the lack-of's or have-not's.

So, tag along with the updates and drop off a comment if you want to form a group and meet up in Las Vegas!  Oh and by the way...get out there and get moving, life is too short to watch from the sidelines!

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